Tingkat Kepuasan Khalayak Pada Program ďJika Aku MenjadiĒ Di Trans TV

  • Adelia Yankie Lubis Universitas Persada Indonesia - Y.A.I
  • Dewi Maharani Universitas Persada Indonesia - Y.A.I
Keywords: public satisfaction degree, broadcast programme, Trans TV


The News magazines program or non news is important part of TV station. One of  non news  program   is  JIKA  AKU  MENJADI   at  Trans  TV,  the  researcher interested to  research  this  program  because  this  program  presented  low  life  class  in  reality beside.  That,  this  program  was  presented  twice  a  week  before,  and  now presented everyday  because  of good rating.  Field  work is doing  in Pinang  Ranti area. Theory  Uses  & Gratifications  is  used  in this  research  the purpose  of  the researcher to  research  at  this  program  JIKA  AKU  MENJADI  is  to  know  public satisfaction based     on     kognitif     motivation,     entertainment      motivation,      personal  identity motivation.

The   research    had    been    doing    in   people    of    RW01    Pinang    Ranti    district administered,  east  Jakarta  with  population  from  age 10     35 years  as many  as 875 people.  The methods of sampling is used in this research is purposive sampling and as the result there are 90 respondents as the research sample. The analysis data showed that there is from public satisfaction.  I n  t h e s e  c a s e  It can be seen from skor mean GS at 36,7 and skor mean GO 37,5 thus, skor GS in smaller than skor GO. So there is people  satisfaction  who watched  this program  JIKA  AKU MENJADI. It  can  be  said  that  the  degree   of  public   satisfaction  of  RW01   people   in Pinang Ranti  which  consist of 47 female and 43 man with range  of age 10-35 years is more satisfy in gaining in information and entertainment.