Pelatihan Manajemen Keuangan Sebagai Peningkatan Daya saing bagi Pelaku Usaha Mikro di Kelurahan Sampangan

  • Purwatiningtyas Purwatiningtyas Universitas Stikubang Semarang
  • Retnowati Retnowati Universitas Stikubang Semarang
  • Sri Mulyani Universitas Stikubang Semarang
  • Askar Yunianto Universitas Stikubang Semarang
Keywords: MSME, Financial management, Competitiveness, Training


The purpose of the community service program (PKM) is to provide knowledge and skills
regarding financial management to MSME players in the Sampangan area, especially MSME in RT
05 RW VI, A special Target to provide training and guidance in improving financial management
and competitiveness. The majority of participants in community service activities are housewives
who have businesses in order to increase family income . MSME development prospects are assessed
based on financial analysis. This PKM program activity disseminates to MSME actors, prepares
equipment that supports the success of PKM, guides MSME actors in preparing financial statements,
conducts training to improve knowledge, monitor and evaluate activities to support the success and
sustainability of the business.