Laporan Keuangan Mudah dengan Si APIK bagi UMKM

  • Maryati Rahayu UPI Y.A.I
  • Bida Sari UPI Y.A.I
  • Nastiti Edi Utami UPI Y.A.I
  • Jayanti Apri Emarawati UPI Y.A.I
Keywords: Financial Report, Si APIK, MSME


Financial reports are very important when running a business, from micro, small and
medium enterprises (MSMEs) to large scale ones. Financial reports are made so that
entrepreneurs can operate their business properly and can analyze their profits and losses. And it
can also be useful to apply for capital. With the development of technology, making financial
reports is easier because there are many applications that can be installed on smart phones. Si
APIK is a financial information recording application that can help MSMEs to do books and
record their every financial transaction. This community service activity aims to provide financial
management and accounting counseling, training on how to download the Si APIK application
using the Play Store on an Android cellphone and how to make easy financial reports for OK OCE
(Jakpreneur) DKI Jakarta MSMEs. The activity was carried out online using the Zoom media with
56 participants. The results of this community service activity are an increase in knowledge about
the importance of making financial reports and OK OCE (Jakpreneur) DKI Jakarta SMEs can
practice making financial reports with the Si APIK application using an Android cellphone.
Suggestions from this activity are that business actors need to be given further simulations using
computers and smart phones in implementing the Si APIK application to make financial reports
for DKI Jakarta OK OCE (Jakpreneur) MSME actors.