Pintar dan Kreatif Memanfaatkan Teknologi Digital untuk Pengembangan Desa Wisata

  • Dian Harmaningsih UPI Y.A.I
  • Susi Yunarti UPI Y.A.I
  • Siti Komsiah UPI Y.A.I
  • Wijayanti Wijayanti UPI Y.A.I
Keywords: Smart and creative,Digital Technology,Browsing and Searching,Tourism village


In order to help government programs to continue to activate national tourism, one of
them is by developing tourist villages. Because there is still a lot of potential in many areas
that have not been explored and need to be developed into attractive tourist objects. So that
local people know and understand what to do, to make their village potential as a national
tourism object, we can help them to do comparative studies digitally through browsing and
searching about various things related to tourism potential in various places, both domestic
and global.
Community service activities have been carried out on Youth Insight Development and
Training, Karang Taruna Dukuh Barak II Margoluwih Seyegan Sleman, Yogyakarta. This
activity is a form of participating in the tourism village development program by providing
training to use digital technology to add insight and dig up a lot of information about tourism
both domestically and globally, so that community members know what can still be done to
develop the potential of their village as an attractive tourist attraction.