Penerapan Quality of Service (QoS) pada Fiber to the Home (FTTH) di Graha Sudirman Indramayu

  • Willy Permana Putra Politeknik Negeri Indramayu
  • A. Sumarudin Politeknik Negeri Indramayu
  • Kurnia Adi Cahyanto Politeknik Negeri Indramayu
Keywords: FTTH, Smart Housing, QoS, Fiber Optic


Graha Sudirman housing started its construction in 2012, Graha Sudirman itself is located in the
center of Indramayu city. Graha Sudirman housing has implemented an internet network to support ITbased
smart housing. In this case, it is still based on simple fiber optics. This network has limitations in
terms of QoS on the client side. One of the initiators of IT-based smart housing is the housing coordinator,
namely Mr. Khaerul Anam. In this Community Service program, we try to apply FTTH technology in
Graha Sudirman housing to support IT-based smart housing. This service is expected to assist partners in
implementing IT-based smart housing programs both in terms of infrastructure and applications. From the
results of the implementation, the fiber optic attenuation output in each house ranges from -13dB to -25dB,
this is due to many factors ranging from the type of fiber cable to the splicing or installation process. For
speed, from -13dB to -25dB, you can still get 902 Mbps of bandwidth. This speed will decrease if it exceeds
-29dB and above, even for connections it can be lost.