Pengembangan Usaha Pesantren Sirajussa’adah Berbasis Manajemen

  • Siwi Nugrahaeni UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Alfida Aziz UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Henni Nastiti UPN Veteran Jakarta
Keywords: Capital, Cost of goods produced, Selling price, Risk


This Community Service is carried out at the Sirajus'Saadah Islamic Boarding School, which aims to
develop the business so that income increases through the application of management.. This activity uses
two approaches, namely the counseling approach and the mentoring / coaching approach. The counseling
approach includes: 1) financial management training, 2) risk management training, 3) production
management training, while the increase in mentoring / training includes: 1) assistance in determining
optimal working capital needs, 2) assistance in the preparation of cost of goods produced / cost of goods
sold 3) Assistance in mitigating business risks. The target activity and the desired output of this community
service is an article published through journals with ISSN or proceedings with ISBN from national seminars
and to provide solutions to business managers at the Sirajus'Saadah Islamic boarding school so that the
managed business can experience development and sales growth as well as increased income, Before the
implementation of the abdimas is carried out, business managers are asked to fill out questionnaires about
working capital, cost of goods produced, determination of selling prices and business risks. At the end of the
training, an evaluation will be carried out to find out their understanding, about the counseling that has been
carried out by the service team, and then mentoring / training is carried out by applying the material that has
been given to the businesses they manage, it is hoped that the results of the evaluation of their understanding
increase to 95% and practice the businesses they manage.