Edukasi dan Pembekalan Kewirausahaan Desa Bojongcae, Kecamatan Cibadak, Lebak Banten

  • Sugianto Sugianto UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Ullya Vidriza UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Nani Ariani UPN Veteran Jakarta
Keywords: Education, Entrepreneurship Debriefing


The essence of national development is full human development and the development of
Indonesian society as a whole, this can be realized if the welfare of the family and society can be
achieved properly. In the context of realizing family and community welfare, among others,
community empowerment can be done and in fact community empowerment has not been maximized,
so that family and community welfare has not been fully achieved, because family and community
businesses have not been able to develop their potential and roles optimally. The condition of small
businesses is still relatively weak, some are still limited to efforts to meet local consumption needs
or the environment in which the business is located, so it is necessary to strengthen the organization
and increase the participation of community members in activities that are productive in the form
of entrepreneurship, among others; training activities for making painting shoes and other real
sectors. These weaknesses must be overcome and the role of universities as educational institutions
can be more involved and help overcome existing problems so that it is hoped that community
members or organizations can continue to play a role in Indonesia's economic growth and
development. Recognizing these problems, we are Lecturers of the Faculty of Economics and
Business, UPN Veterans Jakarta, one of the universities that cares about the surrounding community
and plans to carry out community service activities which are expected to increase knowledge in
entrepreneurship education and training, with the aim of providing an understanding of the concept
of entrepreneurship. and understand the methods or methods of entrepreneurship, which will be
useful in increasing family income and the regional economy. The results of the implementation of
community service show that generally the PKK group of Bojongcae Village, Cibadak District Lebak Regency, Banten understands, this is in accordance with the planned targets of targets above