Meningkatkan Kemampuan UMKM Kecamatan Cibadak Kabupaten Lebak Banten Melalui Workshop Sistem Daya Saing (Pelatihan Accounting, Pricing, dan Marketing Berbasis Web)

  • Wahyudi Wahyudi UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Yoko Tristiarto UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Yul Tito Permadhy UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Anita Nopiyanti UPN Veteran JAKARTA
Keywords: Accounting, Pricing, Marketing, SMEs


The lack of solid Indonesian economic fundamentals has prompted the government to build
an economic structure by taking into account the existence of Micro, Small and Medium
Enterprises (SMEs). This sector has been proven to provide jobs and provide opportunities for
SMEs to develop in society. The existence of SMEs cannot be doubted because they have proven to
be able to survive and become an economic driver, especially after the economic crisis. On the
other hand, SMEs also face many problems, namely limited working capital, low human
resources, and inadequate mastery of science and technology. Another obstacle faced by MSMEs
is the unclear relationship with business prospects and unstable planning vision and mission.
Providing information and market networks, easy access to funding and assistance as well as
increasing information technology capacity are some strategies to increase the competitiveness of
Indonesian SMEs.
In this case, special attention is needed for SMEs, especially for business records,
determining HPP and marketing problems. Efforts to develop small and medium industries, then
these weaknesses must be overcome. This is where the role of universities as educational
institutions can be more involved and help overcome existing problems so that it is hoped that
MSMEs can continue to play a role in Indonesia's economic growth and development.