Pengembangan Aplikasi Standar Keperawatan Pada Asuhan Keperawatan Anak Di RSUD Indramayu

  • Bachtiar Efendi Politeknik Negeri Indramayu
  • Winani Winani Politeknik Negeri Indramayu
  • Adi Suheryadi Politeknik Negeri Indramayu
Keywords: Android Application, Website Platform, Nursing Standards, Children


The Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Indramayu has not implemented the Hospital Management
Information System optimally, and also for nursing diagnoses, nursing outcomes, nursing
interventions according to nursing standards have not been included in the system. So that the
communication and documentation of nursing care that is carried out is still different between fellow
nurses. In 2021, community service has been held in the form of Application of Standard Nursing
Care for Medical Surgical Nursing Care at Indramayu Hospital and with this application
communication and documentation of medical surgical nursing care are uniform. So that the
Indramayu Hospital asked the Indramayu State Polytechnic to continue community service at the
Indramayu Hospital in the pediatric nursing section. The method of implementing community
service consists of several stages, including: identification of problems and needs, analysis and
planning, system creation, testing and evaluation, and reporting the results of the implementation
of service. This community service partnering with RSUD Indramayu produces android-based
applications and web-based applications and is centered on the server. This application contains
three standard nursing books, namely SDKI, SLKI and SIKI. This application also links the SDKI
book with the SLKI book and links the SDKI book with the SIKI book. The conclusion of community
service regarding the development of making the application of pediatric nursing standards is the realization of the development of standard nursing applications consisting of an android platform
and a website platform, so that the communication of child nursing care becomes uniform.
Recording and documentation of uniform pediatric nursing care