Motivasi Dan Komunikasi Dalam Pengembangan UMKM Di Desa Jatisura

  • Widayani Wahyuningtyas UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Sintha Fransiske UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Ibnu Malkan Bakhrul Ilmi UPN Veteran JAKARTA
  • Ruri Firliani UPN Veteran Jakarta
Keywords: motivation, communication, UMKM


Motivation and communication are important in making movement. Especially in Jatisura Village which
has abundant agricultural products. Based on this, the researcher sees that the produce in Jatisura Village can
be an opportunity and be developed through the efforts of local residents through UMKM. So the idea arose to
conduct research. The research was conducted in Jatisura Village. The purpose of this study was to determine the
motivation and communication in the development of UMKM in Jatisura Village. The research method used is
descriptive qualitative method, with data collection namely observation, interviews and documentation studies.
The results of interviews conducted by researchers, respondents include housewives, housewives who
become or farmers, housewives who are entrepreneurs and business people. Respondents who do business
such as mango crackers, mango seed coffee, mango juice, shredded cork fish, knitting, selling in school canteens
and basic food stores. The results of the research that have been carried out show that the people of Jatisura
Village who have motivation and communication can develop UMKM. Meanwhile, the people of Jatisura
Village who do not have motivation and communication cannot develop UMKM. The motivations that exist
include internal and external. Communication also determines the success of UMKM