Penyuluhan dan Pelatihan Pembuatan Sabun Cair Lengkuas Di Kelurahan Sukamulya

  • Faizah Suryani Universitas Tridinanti
  • Selvia Afrilyanti Universitas Tridinanti
  • Manisah Manisah Universitas Tridinanti
Keywords: Galangal, Liquid soap, Training, Counseling, Sukamulya


Improving social welfare can be done with various approaches, by empowering the community.
Empowering PKK RT 02 women in Sukamulya Village, Sematang Borang District through training and
assistance in the production of liquid soap from galangal. This activity is carried out in order to increase human
resources who are able to rely on their own strength. The specific goals and targets to be achieved in this
activity are that PKK RT 02 women are interested and motivated to become entrepreneurship, form groups
of PKK members who become economically independent by producing liquid bath soap from galangal, and
make PKK RT 02 in Sukamulya Village stronger, more productive, creative, and responsive. To achieve this
goal, the community service team of the Industrial Engineering Study Program has provided counseling,
training and assistance to PKK women in producing liquid soap from galangal. PKK women were given
knowledge about entrepreneurs and home-based business opportunities, as well as the basic principles of
production. PKK women were also given training on howto make liquid bath soap from galangal, as well as
product packaging and marketing techniques.