Keterampilan Pembuatan Kerudung Praktis Pada Siswi SMP Islam Madinatul Ilmi

  • Yeni Sesnawati Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Vivi Radiona Sofyani Putri Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Keywords: headscarve, practical, skill, training


The training on making practical headscarves aims to be able to provide skills and creativity for
Madinatul Ilmi Islamic pupils in Muara Gembong Distric Bekasi Regency.This training activity was attended
by 15 participants which was carried out offline at the Islamic Middle School Madinatul Ilmi. The teaching
material provided includes basic knowledge about practical headscarves, tools and materials needed,
creation in making practical headscarves, and sewing techniques applied. The training methods carried out
were lectures, demonstrations, and experiments in making practical headscarves. The results of the training
showed an increase in pupils knowledge and skills in making practical headscarves as a provision for pupils
to develop their abilities.