Integrated Marketing Communication [IMC] Desa Wisata Wonolopo Dalam Upaya Publikasi Ikonik “Kampoeng Jamu”

  • Imam Husni Al Amin Universitas Stikubang Semarang
  • Edy Winarno Universitas Stikubang Semarang
  • Budi Hartono Universitas Stikubang Semarang
  • Dwi Budi Santoso Universitas Stikubang Semarang
Keywords: Integrasi Marketing Communication, digital marketing, Kampoeng Jamu, Wonolopo tourism village


Awareness for the community in the tourism that the area is one of the tourist destinations
that has the potential to improve the people's economy, so the pioneers and movers of the tourist
village must be able to synergize all existing components to move together to build their village
and participate in every activity that exists during tourist visits. Management that is conditioned
and managed by the community itself, so that young people who will later become pioneers and
movers are equipped with the ability to publish and promote their tourist villages by utilizing
information technology, especially digital marketing. 

Optimizing the use of information technology in the form of digital marketing as a means
to promote and publicize Kampoeng Jamu, Wonolopo sub-district for young people driving the
Wonolopo tourist village to be very strategic in relation to the acceleration to be able to lift the
potential that exists in the area so that the tourism potential in the Wonolopo tourist village one
of them which is an icon of the Wolopo tourist village is "kampoeng Jamu" with traditional
herbal products carried so that it is more widely known. Integration of Marketing
Communication is provided in digital marketing materials with digital content in the form of
photos of products and services as well as story telling so that they are very familiar to
consumers, followed by material on optimal use of social media that can be made viral by
everyone involved in digital marketing for tourist villages. Wonolopo, specifically for
commodities from Kampoeng Jamu