Implementasi Metode Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Dalam Analisis Kebutuhan Tenaga Kerja

  • Eka Rakhmat Kabul Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Mohammad Nouval Febrianto Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
Keywords: hr planning, workload, full time equivalent, manpower needs


Analysis of manpower needs is part of human resource planning. traditionally, human resource planning is
an activity in human resource management used by organizations to ensure that they have the right amount
and type of human resources, thereby growing certainty that they carry out the work at the right place and
time to meet business objectives. With good human resource planning, companies can avoid employee
vacancies, both now and in the future. This study will discuss the measurement of employee workload with
the full time equivalent method. the research was conducted on a case study in one of the largest PVC
producing companies in indonesia, which is located in DKI Jakarta. the results showed that the workload
borne by the employees in the workshop department was 35% or 10 employees had a low/underloaded
workload, 45% or 13 employees had a normal/fit workload, and 20% or 6 employees had a high/overloaded
workload. meanwhile, the optimal number of workforce needs in the workshop department is 27 employees.
Optimizing employee performance can be done by changing the composition of the number of workers
according to the calculation of the optimal number of workers and rearranging the job description.


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