IOT Hidroponik Indoor Menggunakan Growing Light Dan Sirkulasi Udara Dalam Air

  • Eka Budhy Prasetya
  • khairur rozikin


Plant cultivation using hydroponic systems is a trend of urban agriculture. The most

important thing in hydroponic systems is water and plant irradiation. Radiation with the sun

can hardly be done in indoor hydroponic systems. Therefore, to make the radiation can be

done using lights to grow the lights. To turn the lights on and off for hydroponic irradiation

must be adapted to the needs of light, irrigation, and nutrition. Then it needs to be turned on

and the lights and nutrition irrigation is still enough. Need grow optimally the water in

circulation so that the plants. Arduino Uno as a controller sensor consists of ultrasonic

sensors, RTC modules, relays, NodeMCU, I2C LCDs, Wavecom Modems, Raspberry pi3,

dimmers, dc motors, solenoid valves, and growing lights. RTC functions for a dc motor by

using a relay. Ultrasonic sensors are used to measure the height which will then be forwarded

via SMS if water must be added. Send SMS using the SMS Gateway connected by Raspberry

that is connected to the Wavecom modem and NodeMCU. This system can be used in

hydroponic cultivation for consumption or personal decoration.

Keywords: Hydroponic System Wick,Growing Lights,SMS gateway Arduino Uno, Raspberry