Bentuk dan Dampak Kekerasan Dalam Berpacaran: Perspektif Perbedaan Jenis Kelamin

  • Rini Rini
Keywords: relationship violence, type, impact, men, women


The number of violence in relationship has been increasing, this increase is not only
happening to women, but also to men so it is necessary needed to explore how forms of
violence in relationship are experienced by men and women, as well as how the violence
affects both men and women. Respondents of this study were 402 people who had
experienced violence in relationship, either in the type of physical violence, psychological
violence, economic violence, activity restriction violence, or sexual violence. By using
Accidental Sampling technique a Google Forms was distributed via WhatsApp, Telegram,
and email to collect data. Data analysis was carried out with a descriptive approach. The
results of the analysis shows that women are most vulnerable to experience various types
of violence in relationship. However, men are more likely to experience the effects of the
violence itself than women.