Perancangan Buku Ilustrasi Cerita Rakyat Pulau Kemaro dari Palembang

  • Randy Enggo Universitas Trilogi
  • Ratih Mahardika Universitas Trilogi
Keywords: Illustration Book, Kemaro Island, Character, Covid-19, Elementary School


Folklore is an important part of forming a creative and critical mindset in elementary schools in the
face of the COVID-19 pandemic. With folklore to children, it will help children know and get interesting
reading material while filling time during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Kemaro Island Folklore,
originating from South Sumatra, is one of the various folklores that exist in Indonesian society. Kemaro
Island is an island in the middle of the Musi River and about 7 km from the city of Palembang. The legend
of Kemaro Island is heard among the people of the city of Palembang, who generally tell about the love
story between Princess Siti Fatimah from the Sriwijaya Kingdom and a prince from a country named Tan
Bun An. The results of the design are characters in the form of children's storybook media inspired by the
legendary folklore of Kemaro Island from Palembang as historical local wisdom for school children. This
design uses a design method by Eric Karjaluoto which includes (analysis of supporting data), planning
(illustrating character design), creative (combining the results of illustrations with story narratives) and
application (character implementation). can produce interesting readings and introduce elementary school
children to Kemaro Island folklore.