Persepsi dan Pemahaman Mahasiswa Mengenai UU ITE

  • Citra Pratiwi Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Susi Yunarti Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
Keywords: Perception Theory


Currently, social media is an important part of people's lives because it is a means of getting information,
sharing information and even establishing relationships. Various social media can be chosen by the
community according to the needs they want to obtain. The presence of the Law on electronic information
and transactions (hereinafter abbreviated as UU ITE) Number 11 of 2008 and was revised in 2016 makes
Indonesia a part of the global community. The ITE Law was made by the government to regulate the use of
information technology and protect the public from misuse of information and in electronic transactions. The
purpose of this research is to know the perception and understanding of students about UU ITE. The theory
used in this study is the theory of perception and attribution. This research method uses descriptive
qualitative, using case study method. Collecting data through interviews with students, with triangulation of
sources.The results showed that not all informants read the contents of the ITE Law, although all informants
already knew and had positive perceptions, their understanding of the ITE Law was still lacking. Lack of
understanding causes not all informants to use social media wisely. Overall, students know that the ITE Law
is very important because it can maintain security on social media