Culture Shock In Intercultural Communication Between Foreign Students In Jakarta

  • Adelina Jesica Angel Sigalingging Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
  • Nur Idaman Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I


Cultural differences can lead to culture shock and anxiety among those who participate
in intercultural communication. Migrant students are one illustration of students who have
faced culture shock since choosing to study in Jakarta. This study intends to describe the
Culture Shock of Intercultural Communication among Overseas Students in Jakarta. The
purpose of this study is to find out how the stages of culture shock and communication barriers
experienced by overseas students in Jakarta are in intercultural interactions.
The theory applied in this study is the stages in culture shock, namely the honeymoon
phase, the crisis phase, the adjustment phase, the bhicultural phase and Anxiety/Uncertainty
Management Theory (AUM). Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Theory (AUM) is a theory that
discusses a person's experience of anxiety and uncertainty that arises when dealing with
strangers or meeting people with different cultures from him in Jakarta.
This study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive research type, the types of data
used are primary and secondary data, with data collection techniques using interviews,
observation, and documentation. Data analysis techniques used are data reduction, data
presentation, conclusion drawing. The validity of the data used is source triangulation.
The results of this study indicate that all informants who are overseas students in
Jakarta experience four stages in culture shock, namely the honeymoon phase, the crisis phase,
the adjustment phase, the bicultural phase and anxiety/uncertainty management (AUM). The
second informant, Melan, does not experience anxiety at all, because Melan admits that she
likes to mingle with new people. The culture shock and anxiety experienced by overseas
students in Jakarta did not really cause a sense of hopelessness. Various feelings of discomfort
experienced by overseas students in Jakarta will be eroded by itself with the passage of time
which makes overseas students adapt to their environment. The obstacles in the interaction
process of immigrant students come from within, habits, and language. For each individual
who will travel overseas, first seek information from reliable sources regarding the social and
cultural situation in the area so as not to experience culture shock