Verbal Abuse Dalam Permainan Mobile Legends Intensitas, Bentuk, Penyebab, dan Sikap

  • Rini Rini Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I


Mobile Legends is one of the most popular online games in Indonesia. Unfortunately, many
Mobile Legends players do verbal abuse during the game. The intensity, form, reasons for
verbal abuse and attitudes in dealing verbal abuse in this game need to be explored. The
sampling technique used is accidental sampling. Participants in this study were 60 people
who were given a questionnaire in the form of open-ended questions, and 15 people who
were in-depth interview. Data analysis using descriptive qualitative approach. The results
of the analysis show that: 1). more players become victims than perpetrators of verbal
abuse, 2). Types of verbal abuse are divided into two, namely verbal abuse which is related
to the skill to play and which is not related to the skill to play, 3). Most of the participants'
attitudes chose not to care about verbal abuse and turned off the comment column, 4). The
reasons for verbal abuse during game preparation are due to mistakes in banning and
choosing heroes, and not having skins, while during the game it is due to bad game
performance, handling teammates' buffs, not helping the team and getting out of the game.