Ilmu Dalam Perspektif Moral Dan Sikap Ilmiah Yang Harus Dimiliki Ilmuwan

  • Surajiyo Surajiyo
Keywords: : Science, Moral, Ontological, Epistemological, Axiological, Scientist's Attitude.


The relation between science and morals is a controversy that never goes away. This phenomenon
causes confusion and misinterpretation of the nature of science as well as suspicion and distrust of scientists.
This prolonged controversy is caused by the relation between science and morals being discussed in terms
that are too general, and not from the elements that make it up. This paper aims to discuss the relationship
between science and morals by taking into account the elements that make up that knowledge, namely from
ontological, epistemological, and axiological aspects. The implications of the ontological, epistemological,
and axiological aspects, the scientific attitudes that must be possessed by a scientist must be discussed. The
data in this paper comes from a review of thought literature compiled according to the scientific method.
The results of the study show that ontologically in choosing who will be the object of study of
knowledge, science is guided by moral principles that are based on not changing human nature, not
demeaning human dignity. Epistemologically science is guided by the principle of finding the truth, which is
done with honesty, without any particular direct interest and based on the strength of argumentation.
Axiologically, knowledge must be used and exploited for the good of humanity by increasing the standard of
living by taking into account human nature, human dignity and the balance/conservation of nature. As a
moral and social responsibility, a scientist must have scientific attitudes, namely there is no strings attached
because scientific knowledge must be objective, be selective, have a proper sense of trust both in reality and
in the senses and mind, there is an inner urge to always carry out research activities, and must have an ethical attitude that always wishes to develop knowledge for the advancement of science and for human