Pemisahan Opini dan Fakta dalam Tayangan Berita Televisi

  • Dewanto Samodro
  • Vinta Sevilla
Keywords: television news, editorial opinion, fact, journalistic code of ethics


As a broadcasting program, news program in television are bound by the Broadcasting Code of Conduct
and Broadcast Program Standards (P3-SPS) and the Journalistic Code of Ethics. One of the principles that
television journalists must adhere to is the separation of opinion and fact. However, in its application there are
still news program that mix facts with editorial opinions. This research use a descriptive qualitative method
with a content analysis approach by analyzing 103 samples of news program from 15 television stations.
From the news program that analyzed, a number of news program were found to use words or phrases
containing editorial opinions. This research aims to find and analyze television news programsthat mix facts
and editorial opinions