Pengenalan Jajanan Lokal Kalimantan Timur melalui Booklet Ilustrasi Berbasis Augmented Reality

  • Donita Primi Muliebris Witjaksono
  • Ratih Mahardika


Jajanan or snacks are a local potential that is easiest to use as a medium for introducing the
potential of a region's unique creative industry. East Kalimantan is one of the interesting regions
to be appointed because it will become the National Capital. However, Indonesian people do not
know the area as a whole. Among the various cultures that East Kalimantan has, culinary culture
is interesting to highlight in this research. Through this design, The Design Method will be used
which consists of several stages, namely discovery, planning, creative, application. To attract the
attention of young people, this design involves illustration art and augmented reality technology so
that the introduction of culture feels more unique and modern. In this way, it is hoped that society
will be more open to the cultural diversity that spreads across Indonesia and that cultural richness, especially culinary delights, can be better preserved and widely known.