Keunggulan Dan Ketangguhan Ideologi Pancasila

  • Surajiyo Surajiyo


Ideology actually comes from a philosophical system, and is the implementation of a
philosophical system. Communism originated in the philosophy of materialism, gave birth to
atheism and class struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat. Pancasila originates from
the philosophy of the Indonesian nation itself since time immemorial in the 'triprakoro'
(Notonagoro term), namely customs, culture, and religion. Then with deep thought the
'founding fathers' made Pancasila the state ideology. Pancasila as the ideology of the
Indonesian nation is the work of the Indonesian nation itself, which is parallel to the other
major ideologies in the world, it even has advantages over other ideologies.
This research method is based on literature research, so the data collected is
qualitative data that is processed by reflective method, equipped with the 'verstehen' method.
The results showed that the Pancasila ideology had advantages over the ideology of
communism, liberalism and fascism. The Pancasila ideology also has resilience not only
because of the internal factors of the ideology itself, namely its amazing unanimity and
integrity, but also because of the support of external factors, namely the guardians of the
Pancasila ideology, both formal and informal.