Dampak Psikologis Jangka Panjang Kekerasan Seksual Anak (Komparasi Faktor: Pelaku, Tipe, Cara, Keterbukaan Dan Dukungan Sosial)

  • Rini Rini


The significant increase in the number of child sexual abuse in Indonesia from 2016 to 2019
requires serious attention and handling. The most common negative effect felt by victims of
sexual abuse is psychological damage. This damage can have both short and long term negative
impacts. Several factors that can strengthen the long-term effects of sexual abuse are the factors
of the perpetrator of sexual abuse, the type of sexual abuse experienced, how sexual abuse is
carried out, the openness of the victim after sexual abuse, and the social support the victim
receives. Respondents of this study were 300 adults who had experienced sexual abuse during
childhood, using accidental sampling technique. Data collection uses google form which is
distributed via WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and email. Data analysis used are Independent
Sample T-Test and Oneway Anova. The results of the analysis show that there are significant
differences in the long-term psychological impact of victims of child sexual abuse in terms of the
factors of the perpetrator of the abuse, the type of abuse, the way the abuse was carried out, the
openness of the victim and the social support received by the victim.