Persepsi Mahasiswa Tentang Efektivitas Pembimbingan Akademik

  • Novita Maulidya Jalal
  • Edi Abdullah
  • Lukman Nadjamuddin


The purpose of this study was to determine how students' perceptions of the effectiveness of
academic guidance (PA). The research method used is a one shot case study. The data were
collected using a survey related to perceptions, then analyzed quantitatively with the percentage
technique. Subjects were 102 students who were willing to take part in the research. The results
of the study were 40.2% of the subjects felt that they were effective. The process of academic
guidance so far is that 93.1% are generally known to function when they consult during KRSan,
and 20.6% of subjects who consult related to personal (non-academic) problems. Thus it can be
concluded that Faculty X Makassar students perceive the role of mentoring PA tends towards
academic guidance and has not been perceived as non-academic guidance.