Gambaran Psychological Well-Being di Komunitas Lansia Adi Yuswo Gereja St. Albertus Agung Harapan Indah Bekasi

  • Yulius Mario Kurniawan
  • Tanti Susilarini
Keywords: Elderly, Community, Psychological Well-Being


The elderly face problems such as weak physical condition, declining health
conditions, threatened economic circumstances, and limited relationships that become
dependent on others. In reality not all seniors experience unhealthy and unproductive
circumstances. One form of elderly activity is participation in community activities.
One of the important aspects that supports elderly productivity is psychological wellbeing. Psychological well-being is an evaluation of individuals in daily activities that
leads to the disclosure of personal feelings as a result of life experiences. This research
aims to get a deep and comprehensive picture of psychological well-being in the elderly
community of Adi Yuswo. There were three subjects in the study who were over the age
of 60. This research uses a case study approach with interview and observation
methods. The results of this study showed that all three subjects had psychological wellbeing.