Human Relation Dalam Komunikasi Kesehatan Di Desa Perbatasan

  • Lidia Djuhardi


This study entitled Human Relation on Health Communication in Temajuk Village, IndonesiaMalaysia border area, is a study of the relationship between Temajuk Villagers and neighborhood
villagers focused on Health Communication. Temajuk village is located in a remote area, thus this
point [health aspects] becomes an attraction as one of the main aspects in development conducted
by the government towards rural left-behind and remote area. This study aimed to find out the
experiences toward villagers’ health communication, how they meaning their relationship and they
health communication behavior. This is very important things because Temajuk villagers are people
who lives in remote and rural left-behind condition due to accessibility[far away from district area ].
However, now the road to the village is smooth due to road construction by the central government,
but the long distance is still of the limitation of access. The approach of this study is using
qualitative-descriptive with Interpretive paradigm through Fenomenologi method. The subject of
this study is the villagers[people] who lived in Temajuk Village, located in the very end of Borneo
Island that directly borders with Melano Village, Malaysia. The subject is selected purposively,
based on the context and the need of research.The data collection was conducted through interview,
observation, literary review and documentations. The results found out that the relationship between
Temajuk Villagers or human relations between two vilallagers [similarity in terms of regional and
physical condition with Melano Villagers,Malaysia] becoming the reflection of Temajuk villagers’s
communication behavior, especially in Health Communication.