Startup Television: New Form In Digital Journalism

  • Woro Harkandi Kencana
  • Muchamad Fauzi Djamal


Digital journalism is journalism that is practiced through the internet, from the collection (coverage) of facts,
stories, and report writing to information distribution, through internet channels. Free to air or terrestrial
television in Indonesia as a journalistic medium enters its digital platform in the form of websites and
applications. Startup television is a new form of digital journalism with video content. This media is a form
of independence and creativity from journalism to compete with journalistic media that are members of major
media groups in Indonesia. Startups are start-ups that have just been established and are still in the
development stage to get the right target market, and are in demand by investors as a promising business in
the future. This study aims to analyze the presence of a new television platform in Indonesia using a qualitative
descriptive approach and a case study method. Observation data collection techniques and interviews
conducted on startup content creators in Indonesia, namely Narasi TV. The results of this study indicate that
the existence of startup television, namely Narasi TV, is a necessity and an answer to the development of
information technology in the form of the internet and social media. The existence of startup television is also
an alternative spectacle for people who have been enjoying broadcasts from terrestrial television or free to air.