Faktor-Faktor Cyberbullying Pada Remaja

  • Novita Maulidya Jalal
  • Miftah Idris
  • Muliana Muliana


Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that is very vulnerable to occur in adolescence The
purpose of this study was to determine the factors that influence cyerbullying behavior in
adolescents. The research method used begins with systematic to identify online journals about
cyberbullying. Researchers used the library research method. The results of the study were
conducted by analyzing 9 journals related to cyberbullying in adolescents. Based on the results of
the analysis it is known that. Thus, it can be concluded that cyberbullying behavior factors in
adolescents can be influenced by internal and external factors. Internal factors are related to the
personality characteristics of perpetrators and victims, the behavior that perpetrators and victims
are used to using social media, and the intensity of the perpetrators and victims interacting on
social media. External factors are due to the rapid development of technology and the ease with
which technology provides open social media. for teenagers.