Pembaruan Teknologi Informasi Pendidikan Sekolah Luar Biasa (Slb) Di Kotawaringin Timur Studi Kasus Slb Negeri 1 Sampit

  • Siti Awaliah
  • Dwi Tjahjo Seabtian
Keywords: Special School Education (SLB), PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), DBMS (Database Management System), MySql, Berbasis Web


Special School (SLB) is an education for students who have a difficulty level in following the learning process because they have special physical, emotional, social mental needs, but have the potential for intelligence and special talents. We can see that education for Children with Special Needs (ABK) is still not being paid attention, seen from the lack of information about Special Schools (SLB) which are formal educational institutions for Children with Special Needs (ABK). There are several classifications of children with special needs (ABK) in East Kotawaringin special school, namely, blind, deaf, mentally retarded, disabled, disabled, speech impaired, disabled, HIV & AIDS, gifted, talented, learning difficulties, slow learning, autism, drug abuse victims , and Indigo. With the classification of ABK in East Kotawaringin, there are still many people who do not know about the existence of this Special School (SLB). So that the information that is lacking for children with special needs is included in regular school and not even in school. In addition, there are some data about schools such as new student enrollments, student data, teacher data, subjects, facilities & infrastructure. Therefore, by utilizing web-based technological advances, an information system that can assist students in obtaining information that can help students obtain information about Special Schools (SLB) in East Kotawaringin and teachers, to more easily make data about school. The application was developed using the PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) programming language and MySQL DBMS (Database Management System). This application has information about special schools in East Kotawaringin