Pengembangan Website Perpustakaan Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia

  • Mira Ziveria
  • Ridha Sefina Samosir
  • Allysia Amanda Tjoaputri
Keywords: Library, website, SDLC, PHP, MySQL


Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (LAI or Indonesia Bible Society) is a nonprofit institution that exists to assist and support churches, organizations and Christians in Indonesia in carrying out the task of communion, witness and ministry through the provision of the Bible and its parts. One of the facilities provided by LAI is the Biblical Library. The Biblical Library is a collection of library materials in the fields of Biblics, theology, biblical scientific journals, theological scientific journals, biblical translation, biblical interpretation, ancient bible and the bible in various regional languages in Indonesia and in the world as well as dictionaries, concordances, encyclopedias, and also atlases. Until now the total library collection of Biblika LAI is 23,000 copies with 19,000 titles. Since 2015 the LAI Biblika Library has an application for managing circulation, membership, library collection catalogs and online visitor access. The problem faced is through existing applications, library staff cannot provide information such as profiles and news. This study aims to design and build a library library website that can integrate library applications into a website that can be used as a medium for managing collections, circulation, membership and visitor access online, as well as a forum for disseminating library profiles and news using the Software Development Life methodology. Cycle (SDLC), using PHP programming and data storage using MySql. The result of the research is a Biblika library library website which will be implemented at LAI