Rancang Bangun Otomatisasi Penyiraman dan Monitoring Tanaman Kangkung Berbasis Android

  • Nur Azis
  • Muhammad Syarif Hartawan
  • SyifaNur Amelia
Keywords: Watering System, Automatic, Smartphone, Sensor, Arduino, Plants


Automatic plant watering system which aims to make it easier for kale plant owners to control and
care for their plants remotely using a smartphone. Technologies that are often used are soil
moisture sensors, water level sensors, temperature and air humidity sensors. Where the soil
moisture sensor itself is used to read soil conditions, the water level sensor is used to read the water
level in the container and the temperature and humidity sensors are used to find out the temperature
at that time or it can be said in real time. All sensors will be connected to the Arduino. This tool
uses an IoT-based monitoring system which can increase efficiency so that it can be monitored