Rancang Bangun Virtual Reality Pemgenalan Tari Daerah di Jawa Barat Pada Sanggar Tari Cineur

  • Neng Nuraeni
  • Dadan Zaliluddin
Keywords: Technologi Advance, graphic modeling design, regional dance introduction, virtual reality, unity 3D, MdLC


Technological progress is something that cannot be avoided in this life. Technology also provides many conveniences, as well as a new way of doing activities. One form of development of technology today is graph modeling. Graphic modeling design is the process of producing an image of an object in both 2D and 3D. Graphic modeling design that can be used today is Virtual Reality. namely Virtual Reality which refers to the concept where all objects can be explored like the original world, can walk in all directions, look in all directions, rotate, and explore the surroundings. Examples of virtual reality applications that are used today are in the field of art that is applied to the introduction of regional dance. The introduction of regional dance in early childhood is one way of preserving and preserving regional culture. Through the introduction of regional dance cultural values can be captured by the nation's children. But in reality the form of information on the introduction of regional dance in early childhood is still lacking, mostly at this time the introduction of regional dance is only in the form of print, video, or directly practiced by teachers or instructors. Based on these problems the researchers intend to design a virtual reality application for the introduction of regional dance in West Java in the cineur dance studio using 3D unity software and using the MDLC method