Konsep Aplikasi E-Dakwah Untuk Generasi Milenial Jakarta

  • Nur Kumala Dewi
  • Bei Harira Irawan
  • Emli Fitry
  • Arman Syah Putra
Keywords: Application, E-Da'wah, Millennial Genration, Jakarta


The background of this research is to find the right da'wah media for the Jakarta millennial generation so that they can still receive da'wah. With the right media, it is very necessary because the millennial generation of Jakarta emphasizes prestige and appearance. If it doesn't hit Jakarta's millennial generation then they won't accept anything. Media used. Therefore, the media must be appropriate for preaching. Think properly so that you can enter the millennial generation of Jakarta. The method used in this study is by using literature review, meaning that by reading previous research, you can get new research problems and can update previous research, with previous research it will deepen the knowledge of the research raised. From several journals that have been read, E-Dakwah media is the right media to enter the Jakarta millennial generation. With E-Da'wah media, the Jakarta millennial generation can learn religious knowledge every day anywhere and anytime. In the Jakarta millennial generation, gadgets are important because almost 24 hours of gadgets are attached to the Jakarta millennial generation. The combination of E-Da'wah and gadgets. One of the appropriate media for studying Islam among Jakarta's millennial generation. In this study, the authors raised research on the concept of the E-Da'wah application for the Jakarta millennial generation. It is hoped that this da'wah application will increase faith and piety in Jakarta's millennial generation