• Dini Rosmalia
  • Euis Puspita Dewi
  • Ramadhani Isna Putri
Keywords: cultural landscape, Betawi culture, cultural tourism


Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia has many diverse potential, one of them a city tour. This
potensial has planned as a cultural tourism. However, the development has not been planned
comprehensively. There are many potential cultural tourism resources that can be lifted into a
tourist attraction. It is necessary to identificate potential areas for the Betawi culture became an
cultural object tourism. Planning activities are necessary to support cultural tourism Betawi in
Jakarta. The purpose of this study are to identify the area as a cultural landscape Betawi, analyze
the potential of the tourist area of Jakarta and the Betawi culture, produce recommendations spatial
Betawi culture as Betawi cultural tourism resources of the city.The method used the scoring with
the parameters: uniqueness and peculiarity, beauty and convenience of the environment, variety of
activities, achievements, as well as tourist facilities and infrastructure. The results showed that there
are four areas included in the classification and has the potential to be developed as a tourist area is
the Old Town, Pasar Baru, Rawa Belong, and Setu Babakan that each of these areas must to be
develop and plan base on potensial.