Analisis Sistem Persediaan Material dalam Proyek Pembangunan Perumahan dengan Menggunakan Metode Economic Order Quantity

  • Akhmad Sutoni
  • Septo Abdul Azis
Keywords: Eqonomic Order Quantity, Lot Sizing, Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Persediaan


PT. Kuncoro Gumilang Group is a company engaged in building contractor projects from
general contractors, as a planning and implementation. In practice, it is often difficult to analyze
inventories. raw material. Procurement of material supplies is not easy, so in the implementation
of the construction of a project there are still often problems relating to material inventory cost
management. The company is currently working on a housing construction project with the
construction of 500 units and was built from Block A-W. The purpose of this research is to
analyze the inventory that is knowing the total cost of inventory, by optimizing the costs of
purchasing, ordering and storing. The method used is Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
with Eqonomic Order Quantity techniques. Obtained a total inventory cost of Rp.