Sistem Monitoring Penerapan Rencana Anggaran Biaya Berbasis Web

  • Fietri Setiawati Sulaeman
  • Ilham Harry Permana
Keywords: Monitoring, Website., RAB


Monitoring is defined as a cycle of activities that includes collection, review, reporting,
and action on information on a process that is being implemented (Mercy, 2005). One of
the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office must always monitor the implementation or
implementation of the budget plan in a project. At this time the Agency is implementing the
budget plan system and reporting on the implementation of the budget plan is still done
manually, so that sometimes the Head of the Office cannot receive budget plan information
and its implementation is fast, precise and real time. Because there is no monitoring of the
budget plan, and the budget that is issued sometimes there is no clear information
according to the implementation in the field or not. So a web-based budget plan
implementation monitoring system was created with the aim of the management being able
to directly monitor the budget plan projects in the field quickly, precisely and accurately.
And the web-based budget plan application system results can facilitate the process of
monitoring and reporting project performance results directly, quickly and accurately.