Perancangan Relokasi Tata Letak Gudang Dengan Menggunakan Metode Systematic Layout Planning Pada PT. MKM

  • Ahmad Fajri
Keywords: Systematic Layout Planning (SLP), Ongkos Material Handling (OMH), Perancangan Tata Letak



PT. MKM (MNC Kabel Mediacom) is a company that was founded in 2013 as part of Global groupMediacom (MNC Group) that focuses on fiber optic-based network service providers. By using the latest technology infrastructure Fiber To The Home (FTTH). The increase demand for MNC service products in verious regions in Indonesia, certainly has an impact on PT. MKM warehouse operations that automatically increase capacity, however, the product must still be stored so that quality is maintained before distribution. To overcome this, a good warehouse structuring method is needed so that material handling cost efficiency can also be achived and reduce the risk of accidents which impact on material damage. Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) method is used to design the linkages between the activities of the device, this method is used as a systematic systematic layout planning based on operational activities that are being carried out or as forecasting in the future. Conclusion from the result of data processing using the SLP method the design of the proposed layout is better with an operational cost of Rp. 347.795.285 compared to the initial layout of Rp. 577.022.833 with a difference of Rp. 229.227.549 and an efficiency of 40%.