Pemanfaatan Kulit Buah Menjalin Melalui Pembuatan Sediaan Shampo Ekstrak Etanol Kulit Buah Pohon Menjalin (Xanthophyllum amoenum Chodat.)

  • Rahmat Santoso
  • Inderiyani Inderiyani
Keywords: kulit buah pohon menjalin, pembuatan shampoo


The utilization of the skin of the fruit of the braid needs to be
done, as a form of community service, through the creation and evaluation of shampoo ethanol
extract of the fruit of the tree of the braid has been done. Tree braid is a plant that lives in
mountainous areas and has long been used for hair care in traditional in the area of west
kalimantan, in particular the district ngabang. How to make shampoo traditional local communities,
very simple, that is by mashing the skin of dried fruit the braid that have been cooked, then
boiled with water until boiling and filtered. The results of the filter are used the local
community for washing the hair. Because it is made with very simple, then the stability of the
shampoo traditional as well as smell, became a problem of its own. Through the community service
activities carried out formulation the skin of the fruit tree braid into the dosage of shampoo that
is meet the requirements with simple equipment.