Menentukan Rute Kendaraan PT. Sarana Cahaya Makmur Metode Algoritma Ant Colony Optimization

  • Guardio Eraniola
  • Endang Suhendar


The delivery time started by PT. Sarana Cahaya Makmur is from 08:00 to 15:00, the delay
occurs when a driver returns at 15:28, because at 15:00 the vehicle must have arrived back
at PT. Sarana Cahaya Sarana makmur, for refueling, reporting on delivery of goods and
refilling vehicle loads. To be sent the next day. The ant colony algorithm is inspired by the
ant colony environment when looking for food. The approach is taken to find the best route
so that a driver can return home on time. In the initial data, a driver will return at 15:28
with a total distance of goods delivery by the driver, which is 67.5 km that must be traveled,
while scheduling delivery of goods by determining the route order using the ant colony
optimization algorithm a driver will return at 14:40 but with the mileage is close to optimal,
with a total of 47.1 km without delaying delivery.