Pentingnya Harga, Lokasi dan Pelayanan Dalam Menciptakan Kepuasan Pelanggan

  • J.Supranto Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I
Keywords: Price, Quality Product, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction


The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of Price, Quality
Product And Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction Jennahara Clothing Store
At Tangerang. The method used is comparative descriptive study. In the method of
data collection using survey techniques, interviews and questionnaires. In the
statistical analysis the authors using SPSS (Statistical Package For Social
Sciences) version 21.0. The results of data processing performed using SPSS 21.0
for windows prgoram, then obtained with a coefficient of r = 0,716 determinant of
51,2% and the balance of 48,8%, and ®obtained F count > F table or 21,227 >
2,755 Ho rejected. It is addressing that a significant difference between Price
(X1), Quality Product (X2), and Service Quality (X3) together (simultaneously)
on Customer Satisfaction (Y).