Pengaruh Self Image dan Penerimaan Sosial terhadap Kepercayaan Diri Remaja yang Mengunggah Foto Selfie di Media Sosial Instagram

  • Selviana Selviana
  • Sari Yulinar
Keywords: Self-Image, Social Acceptance, Self-Confidence


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of self-image and social acceptance on
self-confidence in adolescents who upload selfie photos on Instagram social media. The
sampling method used was convenience sampling. Respondents of this study are followers who
follow the researcher's Instagram account with a sample of 108 teenagers. This research
instrument uses three Likert scale models, namely: self-confidence scale, self image scale, and
social acceptance scale. The data analysis technique used is linear regression. The results of
the self-image hypothesis test on self-confidence obtained the value of the t-count coefficient of
10.850 and p of 0.000; (p < 0.05) then H01 is rejected and Ha1 is accepted. Meanwhile, social
acceptance of self-confidence is obtained by the t-count coefficient of 7.479 and p of 0.000; (p
< 0.05) then H02 is rejected and Ha2 is accepted. The calculated F value is 86,857 and p is
0.000; (p) < 0.05. H03 is rejected and Ha3 which reads that there is an influence of self image
and social acceptance on the self-confidence of teenagers who upload selfie photos on
Instagram social media is accepted.