Ketika Aborsi Menjadi Pilihan Analisis Pengambilan Keputusan Dalam Melakukan Aborsi

  • Rini Rini
Keywords: abortion, decision making, internal factors, external factors


Abortion cases are increasing both globally and nationally. What had been the reason for
someone to think about having an abortion becomes important to research. The
participants in this study were 19 women who had an abortion. Accidental Sampling
technique has been used as the sampling technique while data collection through in-depth
interviews with participants via telephone. Data analysis was carried out with a
descriptive qualitative approach. The results of the analysis shows that internal factors
that influence abortion decision making are personal choices when the pregnancy are
either pregnancy outside of marriage, pregnancy due to infidelity, pregnancy with too
close distance from the previous pregnancy, the desire to maintain a good name,
emotional unpreparedness or personal health. While the external factors are coercion
from a partner, rape, career, economy and coercion from parents