Peran Lembaga Pendidikan dalam Pencegahan dan Penanggulangan Tindakan Kekerasan Pada Siswa

  • Apriadi Apriadi
  • Muammar Khadafie


The high number of child violence in Sumbawa regency in the last four years (2016-2019) should
encourage the local government, the community and the educational institution to give special attention. The
data issued byKPAIin 2018 showed that the child violence in school area increased significantly, particularly
the case of physical and sexual violence. The cases reached 51.20 %. Meanwhile, the regulation regarding
the prevention and tackling the violence in education unit has been determined through the regulation of the
minister of education and culture of Indonesia Republic in 2015. The aim of this study is to understand the
role of educational institutions in preventing and tackling the violence in educational environmentwith a case
study in junior high school and senior high school across Sumbawa regency. The study used a qualitative
descriptive approach. This method focused on depth research in order to look at the role of educational
institution in preventing and tackling the violence in educational environment. The results of the study showed
that the educational institutions are less active to do a prevention and tackling the violence in the school
environment. One of a routine active conducted by each school is ‘IMTAQ’(religious improvement). Besides
that the kids’ friendly school and the fulfilment of the children’s right to create the kids’ friendly school has
not fully understood by educational institutions in Sumbawa regency. Therefore, the kids’ friendly school
could not be implemented.