Strategi Konten Instagram untuk Edukasi Pola Minum Kopi yang Sehat pada Usia Muda

  • Muhammad Alvian Hasby
  • Erik Armayuda
  • Bayyinah Nurrul Haq


Based on a survey conducted by the author in 2020, the intensity of drinking coffee at a young
age is quite high. They consume an average of 1-3 cups of coffee per day. One reason is the lack
of information on the dangers of drinking excessive coffee. Therefore, it is necessary to design an
educational media regarding the dangers of drinking excessive coffee that reaches young
audiences. The design of this educational media aims to provide knowledge about healthy
drinking patterns. The preliminary research was carried out through survey methods and
literature studies. The social media platform used is Instagram with the microblog concept. The
target audience is between 20-30 years old and in the Jabodetabek area who likes to interact via
social media. Media design visually displays a warm, comfortable, and pleasant impression
through color, visual elements in the form of photos and vectors. Design verbally (how to say)
through light language and bring a relaxed, comfortable, and familiar atmosphere. The verbal
delivery strategy uses light, relaxed, and familiar language. Information is conveyed in stages
and varied, namely: facts about coffee, the dangerous risks of drinking excessive coffee, and
healthy drinking patterns. Platform-related content management through the use of trending and
relevant hashtags, posting arrangements that refer to the educational cycle resulting in a schedule
for posting content that is divided into several editions for one month.