Penerapan Metode 360 Derajat Dan Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP) Sebagai Penilaian Kinerja Karyawan Pada CV Mainan Kayu

  • Dwi Andiani Astuti
  • Arif Rahman


CV. Wooden Toys is a manufacturing company that is engaged in making educational wooden toys
which are made from wood. The number of similar businesses that are currently developing is the
biggest challenge for CV. Wooden Toys to compete. Based on the results of interviews that have
been conducted, this company has several problems, including a decrease in the number of sales
for the January-September 2019 period, late delivery, product damage that occurs due to the
delivery process, and an objective assessment of employee performance. Judging from the
problems that occur, researchers will conduct research on the performance appraisal of employees
of CV. Wooden Toys in the sales and marketing section. E. The purpose of this research is to
determine the results of the employee performance appraisal at CV Toys Kayu using 360 degrees
and AHP methods. The research method used is the 360 degree method and Analytic Hierarchy
Process (AHP). The 360 degree method provides assessments with various angles including
assessments given by superiors, coworkers and yourself, while the Analytic Hierarchy Process
(AHP) method is used to determine the weighting of variables and subvariables that affect the

employee performance appraisal which will be used as material in distributing questionnaires.
From the results of the integration research of AHP and the 360 Degree Method that has been
carried out, the results of the performance appraisal in the online sales center section are equal to
5.65, sales representives equal to 5.98, wholesale sales equal to 5.99, adm supervisor equal to
6.69, and administration equal to 6.55. The priority variable that affects the employee performance
appraisal of CV Toys Kayu is a general trait where the general characteristic has a fairly high
weight value, namely 0.390. While the priority subvariable that most influences the performance
appraisal of employees of CV Toys Kayun is innovative where innovative has a weight value equal
to 0.390