Inovasi Dalam Iklan: Analisis Isi Pesan #Startridingmigo Di Instagram

  • Rini Riyantini
  • Naufal Khatiri
Keywords: innovation message, advertising, startridingmigo


The World Bank releases vehicle pollution to be the main source of air pollution in urban
areas in Indonesia which impacts various aspects of life. Before the pandemic, Jakarta was the
city with the highest pollutants after Beijing, New Delhi and Mexico, so that real efforts to
communicate environmental innovation are needed to be carried out in synergy by the
government, academia, business and society. Environmentally friendly transportation
innovations, the result of collaboration between academics, government policies and industry,
must be responded to by the public as consumers. The communication of innovation by industry
is carried out through advertising as an implementation of social responsibility. This Study aims
to analyze the message of innovation on Instagram startriding @Migoid based on relative
advantage, comptability, complexity, trial ability and observability categories, used a
quantitative approach with content analysis methods. The study population took Instagram
advertising messages for 1 month consisting of 74 Instagram photo advertising messages, 157
captions using a total sample. Data were analyzed descriptively, presented in frequencies and
percentages. Coding is done by 2 people, to ensure objectivity using intercoder reliability with
the Scott formula. The results showed that the content of the #starridingmigo advertising
message contains quite a lot of innovation messages (83.8%) for photos advertising messages,
and 66.2% for caption advertising messages. The results of the categorization of the content of
intercoder innovation messages produced a large percentage weight for the categories of
comptability, relative advantage, and complexity, while trial ability and observability had a
small percentage, high level of intercoder reliability for photo advertising messages and low
for caption, so it can be concluded that the @migoid Instagram has not fully implemented social
responsibility as a driver of innovation.