Augmented Reality Sebagai Media Pembelajaran Untuk Pengenalan Landmark Negara-Negara ASEAN Berbasis Android Dengan Menggunakan Metode Marker Based Tracking

  • Siti Nazilah
  • Fajar Saepul Ramdhan
Keywords: Landmark, ASEAN, MDLC, UML, Augmented Reality, Marker Based Tracking, Unity 3D


A landmark is a place or building that has become an icon of the city or country. ASEAN is a geo-political and economic organization in the Southeast Asia region. There are problems in the introduction of landmarks in ASEAN countries, including the introduction of still using manual books, the right solution to that problem is to make an application about augmented reality with the marker based tracking method, later it can display 3D objects that look like real ones that aim to eliminate boredom in students in learning. This research method uses the Development Life Cycle (MDLC), including concept, design, material collection, assembly and testing that have not yet  reached the distribution stage. At the design stage the author uses a structured design method, namely the Unified Modeling Language (UML) which includes use cases, and activity diagrams, navigation structures and storyboards. This application is designed with Unity 3D software So the results of the planning above are implemented into an application called the Application of Augmented Reality for the Introduction of the Landmark of ASEAN Countries which can display 3D objects that look real which can make it easier to recognize the landmarks of ASEAN countries