Pembangunan Aplikasi Mobile-Customer Relationship Management (M-CRM) Terintegrasi Pada UMKM

  • Supriyanto Supriyanto
  • Nina Setiyawati
Keywords: CRM, Mobile Application, SMEs, QR-Code


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the core of a business that aims to create and provide value to customers by increasing customer relationships that can provide corporate profits. As usual companies, SMEs also need to adapt to modern business methods that make SMEs have more selling points to customers so that a strong value chain can be established. One of the innovations that can be used by SMEs is by implementing M-CRM (Mobile Customer Relationship Management). In this research, a CRM application is built. CRM application is built based on mobile with QR-Code technology for ease of use of voucher codes. This application is also integrated with the point of sales (POS) application, making it easier for SMEs to manage promos and products. With this application, it is expected to be able to help SMEs in improving marketing, maintaining loyal customers, having competitiveness in the SME market competition, so that can increase overall business profit